CHS Featured Grad: Danielle Albino

Dan has demonstrated exceptional drive, determination and work ethic to achieve his goals since joining our school Throughout his days at CHS, Danielle focused on his studies to maintain a high average.  His perseverance and strength was remarkable, especially in courses that required a lot of problem solving and thinking.   

Dan is a very caring, polite and thoughtful young man who greeted everyone with a jovial smile and a positive attitude.  Dan contributed positively to our CHS Raiders sports teams.  He was a member of the Badminton, Soccer and Volleyball teams.  His greatest passion was definitely found on a volleyball court where he enjoyed being a teammate to others and definitely demonstrated leadership abilities. 

Dan is passionate about the sciences and technology fields of study.  He enrolled in as many courses in our school as he could in those areas and completed others through online learning.  He tackled one task at time, used his problem solving skills and persevered as work became even more challenging. He proved that hard work and dedication pay off in the end. 

Congratulations Dan!  Good luck next year as you pursue post-secondary at Cambrian College in Electromechanical engineering technology mechatronics.  Continue to make us proud and never forget your Chapleau High School roots!