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Today's Featured Grade 8 Grad: Mercedes Redbreast-Fox

Mercedes is a proud member of Brunswick House First Nation.
She has a passion for reading and enjoys doodling and drawing. During her time at CPS, she has demonstrated strong skills in advocating for herself and others. Mercedes likes to know the ‘why’ or reasoning behind things and is not afraid to ask questions. Mercedes, continue to be proud of your Indigenous roots!

As you look forward to next year Mercedes, we encourage you to believe in your abilities and set goals for yourself. You have the drive and determination to accomplish great things in life. We encourage you to get involved in Student Voice initiatives, school clubs and join sports teams. You have many talents to share with others.

Congratulations on your graduation! Follow your dreams, believe in yourself and never forget your Chapleau Public School roots. Best of luck in High School, Mercedes!

Today's Featured Grade 12 Graduate: Jaiden Byce

Over the course of his four years at CHS, Jaiden participated in school sports and organized activities. He was a member of the Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer teams. During school organized and student-led activities, Jaiden was often willing to lend a helping hand to the staff advisor and the administration team when needed.

Jaiden is a kind and caring young man. He demonstrated strength in many courses, especially those he was most interested in pursuing further. Jaiden excelled in independent learning activities and courses.

Congratulations Jaiden! Good luck next year as you pursue post-secondary education at Seneca College in Behavioral Sciences. Continue to make us proud and never forget your Chapleau High School roots!

Today's Grade 8 Featured Grad: Dann Albino

Dann is a quiet young man who demonstrated exceptional manners at CPS. He displayed a caring nature to the staff and students alike. When meeting Dann in the hallway, you could always expect to be greeted with a smile. He is very patient, which will serve him well life.

Dann, as you prepare for high school always remember to set goals for yourself. Strive to complete assignments on time with care and persevere through difficult tasks or work. Hard work and dedication to a job well done will follow you through your high school days and beyond. We encourage you to join clubs and sports teams in Grade 9 as these will only enhance your experience.

Congratulations on your graduation! Continue to dream big, learn new skills and never forget your Chapleau Public School roots. Best of luck in High School, Dann!

CHS Featured Grade 12 Grad: Cejay Larocque

Throughout his high school career, Cejay was passionate about sports and participated in most of the organized sports teams at our school. He was a member of the Badminton, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Track & Field and Volleyball teams. In honour of his positive contributions to sports, he was awarded the Junior Male Athlete of the Year in 2017. Cejay demonstrated leadership on and off the court. When not playing sports, Cejay was an active member of the school’s Student Senate team. He helped to organize and lead activities for our K-12 school during spirit days and other events.

Cejay is an enthusiastic young man who was always available to support staff and students throughout the school day. Often, Cejay’s involvement in leadership activities and sports helped motivate the younger students to get involved. Cejay also actively participated in classroom learning and discussions where he was always up for a challenge.

Congratulations Cejay! Good luck next year as you pursue post-secondary education at Sault College in Police Foundations. Continue to make us proud and never forget your Chapleau High School roots!

Chapleau Public School's Featured Grad: Sophy Couture

Sophy is a kind and caring student. She always greets everyone with a big smile and warm wishes. She volunteers regularly to help support staff and students alike. Sophy enjoys reading and doing art projects. Her enthusiasm for learning is contagious. During her days at CPS, Sophy demonstrated commitment to her studies, was involved in extra-curricular sports and helped lead various activities organized for younger students.

Sophy, as you look forward to secondary school with excitement, we offer the following advice: Work hard & be a lifelong learner. Share your passion with others, be willing to keep on learning from your teachers, coaches, parents and friends. Maintain a positive attitude, a helpful disposition, and a willingness to try new experiences. Look to join extracurricular activities and get involved with groups or clubs. Volunteer for various organizations or groups within our community.

Congratulations on this your graduation! Follow your dreams, your passions, continue to be a leader, and never forget your Chapleau Public School roots. Best of luck in High School, Sophy!

Celebration Parade in Honour of our Grade 12 Graduates

On Monday, June 8th, 2020 staff members of Chapleau Elementary & Secondary School organized a parade to honour our Grade 12 Graduates with lawn signs and a bouquet of sweet treats for them to enjoy! (Not pictured Hannah S & Chad). Thank you to Mario Lafreniere @Chapleau Express for his donation of the lawn signs.
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